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Grow revenue, reduce costs, and improve all levels of the patient experience. MedChat is an all-in-one access platform for forward-thinking healthcare organizations.

What you can do with MedChat

MedChat Answer Bot

Automate interactions with Answer Bot

Backed by powerful AI and machine learning, MedChat's Answer Bot automates patient interactions - no agent needed. Our built-in intelligence performs a continuous gap and trend analysis to improve it's interactions over time.

Agents double their efficiency with Live Chat

Installs on your website, portal, or mobile app in minutes to more efficiently handle inbound patient communication and capture new patient leads. Advanced machine learning acts as a co-pilot to supercharge agent productivity.

MedChat Live Chat
MedChat Chat Bot

Chat Bot handles conversations so Agents don't have to

Augment agents and automate communication - 24 hours a day. With MedChat, you can deploy autonomous bots per topic or department to increase agent efficiency and reduce costs.

Better response rates with Two-Way Texting

MedChat’s Two-Way Texting solution allows your staff to text with patients while seamlessly moving the conversation to secure Live Chat when needing to collect PHI. Impossibly easy access to your organization removes patient access barriers and heightens patient satisfaction.

MedChat Two-Way Texting
MedChat Team Chat

Better compliance and productivity with Team Chat

Bring all your team's communication together with a deep focus on compliance and security. Team Chat is a centralized hub for real-time conversations and collaboration that fosters a healthy, high-performing culture.

Reduce no-shows & recover canceled appointments with Reminders

MedChat’s reminder engine integrates directly with your EHR platform to deliver targeted, actionable appointment reminders via text, phone, or email. Patients can easily reschedule directly from the reminder ensuring optimal appointment recapture and schedule utilization.

MedChat Reminders

A Communication Platform for Every Sector of Healthcare

We work with businesses across the healthcare spectrum to perfect the way our solutions support and improve every type of operation.





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We work with businesses across the healthcare spectrum


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Medchat has provided us with a new level of care for our centers and their patients. They have helped up our standards in communication resulting in quicker and better patient care.

Security is not just another feature

Security is not just another feature. It's our foundation.

Every design decision at MedChat begins with the safety and privacy of your data. Risk assessments, infrastructure as code, continuous integration, secure development lifecycle, automated deployments, strict access and privilege escalation controls, vigilant monitoring, regular audits,​ and a community of top security researchers that ensures no stone goes unturned.

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