Let bots do the work for you.

Design chatbots that save time, delight patients, and scale communication - no coding required.

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Have you already completed Qualification Form? Great. You can order right though chat. Let me get you started. Please upload a copy of your insurance card First name Last name Choose file to upload Size limit: 10mb Yes ModernHealth

Automation with a human touch

Chatbots help your team automate tasks and create a better experience for patients. Bots assist your agents by taking over routine tasks — which lets them focus on more complex, revenue producing interactions. It’s easy to customize, build, and extend communication at a rapid pace.

  • Automate & augment workflows
  • Increase productivity
  • Support patients day & night
  • Resolve issues faster
  • Capture new patients
  • Grow without increasing costs
  • Modernize patient experience
  • Replace webforms

Finally, a visual builder with real power.

Our bot builder allows anyone on your team to create impactful digital assistants that automate tasks and assist live agents. From dynamic responses to intuitive navigation, simply arrange customizable elements to compose the perfect conversational experience.

Buttons Cards Multiple Choice Short Answer Dropdown End Chat Transfer to topic Save to Inbox File upload Image Paragraph Message Transfer to Agent Link to flow

Rich message components, beautifully designed

Medchat blocks are powerful, prebuilt components that help you create stunning bots that can handle any situation. From multi choice, to cards, to document collection, we've got you covered no matter the task.

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Build dynamic flows

Branching enables you to design custom flows based on a patient's response. This ensures each patient gets a uniquely personalized experience in the fastest way possible.

Route to live agents when needed

Chatbots alone can’t resolve every inquiry. For those trickier inquiries, easily route to a live agent who can assist.

Hi how can we help?

Give your website or portal a 24/7 digital assistant

When agents are offline, bots can chat with patients to answer questions, or collect contact information so agents can get back to them the next day.

Successful interactions95718.7%Avg number of steps141.2%405 hr6.8%Total active timeAbandoned interactions562.3%

Measure and optimize bot performance

Quickly gain insight into how your bots perform at every level. Iterate where necessary to increase impact.

Bot Framework

Need something more advanced?

Check out our Bot Framework.

Bot Framework
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       "Type": "ContainerMessageBlock",
       "Orientation": "Vertical",
       "Blocks": [
           "Type": "TextInputMessageBlock",
           "Id": 1,
           "Label": "",
           "Placeholder": "",
           "IsPrivate": false,
           "Validators": [
               "Type": "RequiredValidator"