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Our smart, HIPAA-compliant Live Chat transforms patient communication on your website, portal, or mobile app - all while boosting agent productivity.

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Create a communication experience your patients will love.

Staffing a call center is expensive and inefficient. Phone agents can only handle one call at a time — creating long hold times, frustrated patients, unhappy agents, and soaring costs. With Medchat, agents become more productive allowing your organization to easily handle patient inquiries faster and better. You can staff fewer agents, and your patients are happier.

Our customers use Medchat’s Live Chat to...

  • Manage Appointment Scheduling
  • Improve Billing & Revenue Cycle
  • Enhance Clinical Trial Recruitment
  • Chat Focused Telemedicine
  • Handle Clinical Inquires & Nurse Triage
  • Improve Medication Adherence
  • Increase Plan Enrollment & Support
  • Acquire More New Patients
  • And much more...

Customize the chat widget to fit your brand.

Medchat blocks are rich, prebuilt UI components that help you create pixel-perfect bots at lightning speed.

  • Brand Color
  • Agent Photos
  • Logo
  • Outreach Message
  • Launcher Style
  • Auto Responders
  • Greetings
  • Topic Routing
I can help you with that! Emerald Supplies ADD YOUR LOGO Chat with us Launch Bar Fob LAUNCHER STYLE SE AVATAR STYLE BRAND COLOR

Improve the efficiency of your agents

Not all live chat is created equal. Every inch of Medchat’s agent dashboard has been meticulously designed to maximize the agent experience and improve operational efficiency.

/stored reply Chelsey Denton 11:25 am Hi. I received a message that I needed to contact you to schedule my specialty appointment. Appointment Confirmation We’ve got you scheduled for [Date] with [Dr. Name] at [Time]. Please arrive… Welcome Message Hi! Thanks for chatting with us. I’d be happy to assist you with that. Hourse of Operation Most locations are open from 8am- 6pm and 9am - 12pm on Saturday Request Information Form

Quick Replies

Agents can choose from a library of pre-approved responses to help assist patients at lightning speed.

Request Forms

Customizable forms allow the patient to securely provide their own information — resulting in greater efficiency and more accurate data collection.

Smart Assist

A real-time digital assistant powered by machine learning. Smart Assist learns how agents respond and makes intelligent recommendations to improve their productivity.

Secure File Transfer

Agents and patients can securely transfer files back and forth in real-time. Think: patient forms, insurance cards, prescriptions, or test results.

Seamless transfer

Agents can easily transfer a chat to another agent or topic — a painful and frustrating process over the phone that becomes a breeze when using chat. Choose whether to include chat history and even send a personalized message to the next agent.

I have a couple questions about my bill. Thank you! Hi there! I’d be happy to help with your billing question. Transfer to agent No problem, let me transfer you to Jamie

Data that helps you create a lasting impression

Medchat offers a suite of tools to help your team analyze every interaction. This gives you the power to make impactful business decisions based on real data.

Improve future conversations with meaningful analytics. See chat volume, average chat duration, how quickly your agents respond to patients, and more.

Organize and measure segments to analyze how chat is performing, common themes, and the overall health of chat.

Track patient sentiment and satisfaction with post-chat surveys. Results help your team refine performance for the best consumer experience.

Gain in-the-moment insight to better serve patients. See how many patients are waiting to be connected to an agent - or which topics are the busiest - then quickly adjust to meet demand.

Medchat securely stores all your conversations in a chat log for easy review. See how agents are performing and where coaching is needed.

Missed Opportunities 482 18.7% Avg response time 30 sec 1.2% 10k 6.8% Total chats Missed chats 1,235 2.3% 2 min 6.8% Avg hold time

Code not your thing?

Check out our Chatbot builder.

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No problem! Just need to ask a few questions. First name Last name Date of birth Sure thing you’ll need to chat with an agent. One sec. Transfer to agent Transfer to agent Hi! How can we help today? Question about my bill Pay my bill Chat with an agent