Tryon Medical Partners reduced call volumes 22% while new patients grew 59%

Tryon Medical Partners reduced call volumes 22% while new patients grew 59%

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Uses Workflow Automation

Based in Charlotte

Established in 1936

110+ healthcare providers

11 Clinics across 10 service lines

EHR: athenahealth integration


Patient satisfaction


Increase in new patients


Decrease in call volume

(90k fewer calls/year)


30 days

For initial deployment

Decreased call volume.

Increased patient satisfaction.

Growth at scale.

Tryon Medical Partners (TMP) is a prominent medical practice with nearly 9 decades serving North Carolina. When we first met, they had 11 clinics with a variety of specialty practices, and they operated 10 service lines with hold times sometimes as high as 2 hours. That’s a problem Medchat was made to solve.

The way we think about it, every minute on hold represents a staff member too inundated to catch their breath. And every minute a patient waits is a minute they aren’t getting care. 

To address their urgent need for streamlined patient communications, TMP began using Medchat’s singular platform to bring automation and conversational intelligence into their workflows. Our partnership has empowered their patients to handle all kinds of tasks through a user-centered interface—like rescheduling an appointment, or refilling a prescription.

“Medchat has exponentially changed the way Tryon Medical Partners communicates with our patients. By streamlining communication, Medchat has optimized our workflows, drastically cut down our hold times, and bolstered our commitment to delivering patient-centered care.”

Crystal Hill

Patient Connect Manager, Tryon Medical

Every task a patient can manage on their own without dialing one of the service lines frees up the valuable time of staff, and lessens the wait for patients who need to speak to someone live. Most asks can be handled quickly and concurrently via chat, and when tricky questions are escalated to the call center, patient information has already been confirmed using a native integration with athenahealth. This greatly improves the workload and morale of staff, who can now handle twice as many patients in a given day without burning themselves out.

Since partnering with Medchat, TMP has seen a 22% decrease in call volume, even as registered new patients grew 59%. This is just the beginning. Our platform is designed to be fully customizable for the demands of specialized healthcare, and our partnership model means we’ll be able to continue to add value over time.

In collaboration with clients like TMP, Medchat is putting healthcare on autopilot. 

Find out how our platform can help your staff, and your patients

Find out how our platform can help your staff, and your patients